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6 Behaviors That Are Killing Your Relationships
Episode 607th September 2022 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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There are some very predictive and repetitive patterns I have noticed that men and women play out inside our relationships that are killing them! I am familiar with some of these myself and we all have our favorite flavors and defaults.

The thing is, often we are engaging in them thinking they will actually ‘make things better’. NO. NO they will not. In fact they are slowly contributing to the demise and greater disconnection of your relationship.

NIP these 6 things in the bud If you want to 

  1. STOP the cycles you have been looping through
  2. TURN things around this week
  3. Create a relationship that FUELS both of you completely

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • Habit 1: Distracting ourselves with fast cars, new projects and yes… even having a new baby!
  • Habit 2: Hiding things from one another - is it money? Is it sexual desires? 
  • Habit 3: Talking about our problems non stop! (and getting nowhere)
  • Habit 4: Suppressing and Ignoring Emotions - worse - Trying to fix your partner's emotions
  • Habit 5: Fantasizing and Escaping - running away from ‘conflict’ or running to something else to fill what’s missing. 
  • The DANGERS of comparison, keeping score, fixing, saving and ignoring each other

I believe this is power packed and very tactical episode that will bring much awareness. If you’d like to dig deeper into this work I invite you take the FREE training now: 

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