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Pod 211: David Quilter Acting in a Mask
Episode 21127th June 2022 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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In this episode of the Gerry Anderson Podcast, David Quilter joins us to discuss breaking into television, how he got cast in the cult sci-fi series Blake's 7, and his memories of working with Gerry Anderson and Richard James on Space Precinct. Plus, we have many lovely tributes to the late Ralph Titterton and Matt Zimmerman, a look at Gerry's later career from Randomeister Chris Dale, and a FAB Fact that we've pulled out of storage. Be sure to subscribe and get a new episode every week!

01:07 Welcome to the Gerry Anderson Duvet Podcast!

08:20 FAB Orange Facts

14:40 Tributes to Ralph Titterton & Matt Zimmerman

21:26 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

31:12 Posts from the Podcast Facebook Group

36:13 David Quilter - Part 2

54:30 In Memory of Ralph Titterton

58:36 The Randomiser (and Chris Dale) high in orbit

1:19:47 Wrapping things up!

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Thunderbirds vs. The Hood

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