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26. Colombia to the Netherlands - Daniela Redondo Vélez, Founder Scout at Slimmer AI and a Serial Entrepreneur
Episode 262nd March 2023 • Self-Made Expats with Lucy Jeon • Lucy Jeon
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Hey Dreamers!

In this episode, I interviewed Daniela Redondo Vélez, the Founder Scout at Slimmer AI.

In 2019, she moved from Colombia to the Netherlands to study masters and now she is the Founder Scout at SlimmierAI, a venture studio based in the Netherlands. Recently, she also made it to the TNW’s list of the Top 500 most talented people under the age of 30 in the Dutch tech space which is a huge achievement! Before she moved to The Netherlands, she founded three startups in Colombia in her early 20s, and in one of her startups, she negotiated an exclusive partnership with Ubereats which doubled the revenue, and in another startup, she won the pitch competition and traveled to Switzerland to start summit 2018.

She shared lots of brilliant insights and practical tips, so if you're thinking of moving abroad or starting a business or a founder at an early-stage startup, I definitely highly recommend listening to this episode. I was so inspired by her story.

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