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What are the principles of not dieting?
Episode 6124th March 2022 • The PJ Wellness Show • Coach Patrick
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Welcome to my podcast "What are the principles of not dieting? ."

Today’s podcast follows up on my blog How Not To Die…t - Amazing Facts About Fruits & Vegetables

Skip carbohydrates, eat nothing after 6 p.m., or eat cabbage soup for a week: In order to lose weight, we torment ourselves with new diet trends. But as soon as we allow ourselves small sins, the pounds move back onto our hips and with them the frustrating feeling of having failed again. I know this from my own experience. Only when I renounced all diets and found my feel-good weight with a new approach to healthy eating did I succeed.

Have you been struggling with your weight for a long time while you're munching on a lettuce leaf in frustration at the restaurant and this skinny blonde at the next table is happily biting into a pizza?

So stop dieting and allow me to help you find peace of mind and your healthy weight. Let me take you behind the scenes of Dr. Greger's groundbreaking science of losing weight without dieting.

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My blog How Not To Die…t - Amazing Facts About Fruits & Vegetables

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