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Super Heroes - Lyric the Eradicator, Fingers the Inseminator???
Episode 530th September 2018 • Slip Into The Fray with Lyric and Fingers • Pacific Northwest Radio
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We all have fantasies about either fucking a superhero or being one.

There are many sexy female superheros.  Lyric says "you may not of heard of me yet but my superhero is the Eradicator... my costume is simple, black bodysuit and I can breathe fire, I have xray vision and wear thigh high boots that can shoot rapid fire I carry a whip that strikes lighting.. Fingers is teh Inseminator and he blows a load inside you and then you have a thousand little babies and then you explode ... there's more to the story, you just have to listen to the show.

Tune in and turn on. 
Sex talk with the coolest Indie music on the planet. 
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