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Champion of Justice: NCAJ Past President Doug Abrams' Journey, Triumphs, and Vision for the Future
Episode 1011th May 2023 • Voices of NCAJ • North Carolina Advocates for Justice
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In this NCAJ Legends interview, recorded during the NCAJ Convention 2022 as part of its 60th anniversary celebration, host John McCabe interviews Doug Abrams, NCAJ Past President and a partner in the firm of Abrams & Abrams, P.A. in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Doug highlights NCAJ's commitment to protecting the ‘ordinary people’ and implementing a fair system. We learn of Doug’s competitive spirit and love for his work, driven by a genuine concern for his clients' well-being. Doug recounts stories from his career, including exposing falsified documents and proving negligence in a crane accident case. Doug also shares the importance of his family and the growth and financial stability of NCAJ. Doug dreams of a future where NCAJ continues to advocate for justice and contributes to a positive impact on North Carolina's legal system.

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Name: Doug Abrams

Connect: Abrams & Abrams, P.A. | LinkedIn

💡 Episode Highlights 💡

[09:47] Fair Judges for a Just Legal System: It’s essential to have fair judges who believe in and apply the law correctly to maintain a just legal system.

[11:42]  NCAJ: Education and Advocacy for a Fair Legal System: Doug emphasizes the importance of education and advocacy within NCAJ and the sense of family and support among its members.

[13:48] Political Challenges, Protecting North Carolina's Legal System: Doug shares his experience as NCAJ president during a politically challenging time and the efforts made to protect the legal system from unfavorable changes.

[18:23] NCAJ's Role in Advancing North Carolina's Legal System: NCAJ has a unique dedication to improving North Carolina's legal system and protecting the well-being of clients and working families.

[19:23] Doug’s Competitive Spirit and Dedication to Clients: Doug shares his competitive spirit, driven by his upbringing and sports experience, and highlights the importance of serving clients' best interests and positively impacting their lives.

[33:32] Structural Growth and Financial Stability of NCAJ: Doug highlights the importance of a structured organization and discusses the financial stability provided by the sale of NCAJ's building.

[39:33] A Vision for the Future: Doug envisions a future where NCAJ continues advocating for workers, families, and individuals. He dreams of ensuring access to justice, integrity, and fairness in North Carolina's legal system.

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