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EP 06 - Ross Meadows and Alison Coward pt.2 "Lawyers and accountants are specialists with technical skills - but the emotional intelligence and listening skills are becoming the crucial aspect of the role"
Episode 626th August 2020 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Continuing the conversation with Alison Coward, this episode of Business without Bullsh-t flips the tried and trusted format on its head as Alison shifts focus to Ross and Andrew who delve into life at Oury Clark. Andrew Oury, partner and Accountant, and Ross Meadows, Employment and Immigration Lawyer, both have a wealth of experience in their respective sectors.

The three discuss how technology has forced an evolution in the role and cost of lawyers and accountants, when it's time to turn to an accountant or a lawyer, and how technology has changed these professions, with some wise words for aspiring undergraduates thrown in.

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