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Owning Your Success Publicly - 034
24th December 2020 • She Will Not Be Silenced with Keisha Shields • Keisha Shields
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Have you ever felt like you don’t get enough acknowledgement from your peers or industry? 

In this episode, I will be talking about publicly letting yourself own and acknowledge your accomplishments and successes. Why it is crucial for your journey and how it helps you serve others better.

Let’s dive into this episode and learn more about acknowledging and owning your success. 

[00:01 - 05:39] Opening Segment

  • I wish everyone a safe and warm holiday season, especially in this pandemic.
  • I Introduce the topic of the day.
  • How some successful women do not get the acknowledgement that they need and want.
  • Owning your successes publicly.

[05:40 - 10:29] Owning your Success Publicly 

  • Have you owned your successes enough?
  • A lot of women do not acknowledge their accomplishments publicly 
  • I share the story about my issue with acknowledgment
  • Growing up being a people pleaser 
  • Acknowledging your accomplishments is relevant to what you are aiming for
  • It is an important aspect of your journey to becoming
  • The issue of acknowledgment amongst women comes out more often than we think
  • The acknowledgment also helps me to help others who need me
  • I share why we have to take ownership of our own acknowledgment
  • Speak up about your accomplishments, tools, and gifts that you bring to the table
  • You do not have to rely on a mentor to be your bridge
  • Let your work and worth speak for themselves
  • I talk about owning your own success and acknowledging it on your platform

[10:30 - 14:14] The Shift 

  • Just because you shift your life trajectory, whether it’s your roles or niche, you do not have to start from the bottom
  • It is also important to talk about what you have done before
  • When you acknowledge your skills and accomplishments, it will allow other people to know more about you and how you could actually help them 
  • Even when you are in a new environment
  • It really depends on our voice to let ourselves shine 

[14:15 - 17:01] Closing Segment

  • When you position yourself the way you want people to perceive you, it will make a significant difference
  • Reach out to me and let me know if you have been there, what have you struggled with when it comes to owning your successes publicly in a bigger and more powerful way
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  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

"Acknowledging your accomplishments is relevant to what you are aiming for, and is an important aspect of your journey.” - Keisha Shields

“When you position yourself in the way you want people to perceive you, it will make a significant difference.” - Keisha Shields

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