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Top 7 DIY Trends From 2020 That Aren’t Going Away w/Robin Raskin
Episode 125th January 2021 • Anti-Aging Uncensored • Jill Gilbert
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Life as we know it today is wildly different from a year ago, prior to the pandemic. We’ve collectively pivoted in just about every area of our daily lives. 

We’ve witnessed an astounding and rapid adoption of new habits, new technologies and new approaches to beauty, fitness, nutrition, work and entertainment. 

Every industry is looking at the processes that worked before the pandemic and the digital transformation of the last year. There’s been so much change, but ultimately, everything we’re seeing is about digitally-powered personalization. 

In today’s episode, I have an exciting guest who gives us a deep dive into the trends that have emerged and how our lives have changed along with them. What kind of consumers have we become because of the pandemic? How has health changed? How did 2020 democratize entertainment? 

In this episode, I’m joined by writer, author and founder of Living in Digital Times, Robin Raskin. We talk about the biggest digital insights and takeaways from 2020. 

Guest Bio 

Robin Raskin is a writer, author, publisher, TV personality and conference and events creator. She is the founder of Living in Digital Times (LIDT), a team of technophiles who bring together top experts and the latest innovations to look at the intersection of lifestyle and technology. 

LIDT produces a number of notable conferences and expos at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) and at conferences and events worldwide. The company’s trademark events include The Last Gadget Standing, Digital Health Summit, FashionWare, Fitness Tech Summit, Kids@Play Summit, The Digital Money Forum, and others.

In a previous lifetime, Robin honed her tech chops at a variety of technology publications. She was editor of PC Magazine and began FamilyPC and YahooTech!. Author of 6 books, magazine publisher, blogger, TV and radio personality, Robin has been at the forefront of an ever-changing topic: what it means to be digital. 

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