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18. Thoughts from the Farm: A Chat with Mary on Food, Family, and Life Changes
Episode 1816th October 2020 • The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained • Lady Farmer
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Mary and Emma sit down with one another at the farm to chat a bit about how Mary got started on her journey as a Lady Farmer. Anyone, anywhere can achieve a slower, more sustainable lifestyle, as it is an ongoing evolution - grounded in the decisions you make everyday. Mary discusses her love for the outdoors, the animals she has on the farm and how life in the city made her long for a farmhouse of her own.

1:20 - Emma introduces what’s coming up with Lady Farmer

5:46 - Had Mary always wanted a farm?

11:00 - Eating “right” while raising children

16:30 - Finding the farm

19:30 - Where did Mary get her inspiration for the farm?

24:26 - Would this lifestyle be feasible with three younger children?

28:00 - A slower lifestyle does not happen overnight


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