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Hear our Y3 pupils talk about the move from Pre-Prep into Prep!
Episode 137th October 2021 • Life at Hoe Bridge School • Hoe Bridge School
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#013 - Welcome back to Life at Hoe Bridge School, the podcast where we speak to pupils, staff and parents to find out what it’s really like. Every week we’ll be talking to one of the members of the school community to hear real stories of life in the school. And today, it’s another fun episode because we begin by talking to Headmaster Chris Webster, then we speak to three Year 3 pupils, Darcy, Ben and Olivia. Followed by a catch-up with Amanda Willis.

I’m certain you’re going to love this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it for you, because we had a great time!

Chris talks about how the current Year 3 pupils have managed the move from Pre-Prep to Prep, the children talk about their favourite lessons and what makes the lunches so amazing, and then Amanda explains what happens after their time in Pre-Prep and why she’s going to miss them so much. But let’s not waste any more time but instead get into this podcast episode with Amanda, our VIPs, Darcy, Ben and Olivia, and our Headmaster Chris Webster.

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