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7. Transitioning Off of Hormonal Birth Control with Maddie Scannapieco
Episode 715th August 2023 • Mindin' My Wellness • Dani Marenburg | Macros, Nutrition and Flexible Dieting Tips
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Ever wondered about life after hormonal birth control? Before you decide to quit cold turkey, you'll want to tune into this episode! I'm diving deep with Maddie Scannapieco, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specializing in women’s gut and hormone health and today, we’re exploring the impacts of birth control on our bodies and gathering top recommendations for a smooth transition, whenever you're ready.

From actionable advice for a seamless transition to demystifying the perplexing world of post-birth control syndrome, we guide you every step of the way. We’re covering the holistic techniques, exploring essential diet and lifestyle adjustments, and I also get the lowdown from Maddie on when and how to approach hormonal testing. Don't miss out on this enlightening chat, packed with actionable insights and tips!

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