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EP 26 - Con Konstantopoulos: “The beauty of Science is that it’s searching for facts, it’s searching for truth"
Episode 2625th January 2021 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Con Konstantopoulos joins Andy and Dominic on the latest episode of Business without Bullsh-t.

With a studied background in Pharmacology and Physiology, Con soon realised that working in the labs wasn’t for him and transitioned into the commercial business side of the industry. Fast forward to today, Con is the Director of four (yes, FOUR) companies providing life-changing services in the Pharmaceutical industries.

Con tells us about what drives his passion for his work, a lot of it coming from his love for connecting people to solve issues that exist out of the conventional box of pharmaceutical practice and improve access to information to help improve people's lives.

The three also discuss the very hot (and fitting) topic of COVID, concerns around proper clinical trials, opinions on government reaction to the pandemic, the clampdown on free speech and explorational thought within Science and ultimately what keeps Con’s faith alive in the pursuit of Scientific truth amid all of the challenges.

Some much-needed expert insight on topics which most of us really are none the wiser about. Want to know more? Pull up a chair and press play.

Con's company websites:

Akesa -

Syntro -

Zenex -

Preda -

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