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This Week: Verizon 5G event, Apple Antitrust
Episode 18425th March 2024 • The Week with Roger • Roger Entner
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Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss Roger's recent presentation at New Street Research's broadband event, as well as his visit to Verizon headquarters. They also have a spirited debate over the merits of the Apple antitrust lawsuit.

00:48 Roger's presentation and the state of mobile carriers

02:43 Verizon's 5G demo and new sports league use cases

04:04 WiFi sensors for home security and Matter hub integration for smart homes

06:05 The future of routers driving consumer satisfaction

09:16 Verizon's ongoing events

09:54 Roger's overview of the Apple lawsuit

12:09 Roger and Don's differing perspectives on Apple

16:57 Differences between Apple and prior monopolies

19:25 Predictions on Apple's future

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