How To Build A Summit That’s Worth The Work With Krista Miller
Episode 5225th February 2021 • Coffee and Converse • Diane Mayor
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Summits seem to be to 2021 what webinars were to 2020 so is this simply another trend you can ignore or are they all they are hyped up to be?

Krista Miller, walks you through how summits really work, the work involved, and the rewards you can expect. And whether or not you should be hosting one in 2021.

Key Takeaway

Summits are great at both list building and conversions but only if you narrow your focus drastically.

We talk about

  • How much work is a summit really?
  • When is it worth it?
  • How to get started the easier way
  • Krista’s lifestyle boundary for her business
  • The worst cookie-cutter advice Krista’s been given on her lifestyle business


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