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The One About Finding Freedom Through Choice
Episode 1631st December 2020 • Adulting with Ebonie • Ebonie Allard
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In this episode you will hear all about what it takes to live a CREATED & FREE LIFE. If you feel there are too many things holding you back, and you can’t find the path to lead you to the life that you crave, then this is the podcast episode for you.

Gail talks passionately about how you can find more freedom, and how to take the bold steps to create a life that you love. Her advice, tips and her own personal experiences will truly inspire you to boldly create the life you really want.

Listen on for:

  • Understanding your needs.
  • Taking the steps to live a life that you love.
  • Freedom in your everyday life. 
  • Choosing to do things for you.
  • Allowing yourself space to understand who you are.
  • Not comparing yourself to everyone else.
  • Challenging yourself.
  • Thinking outside the box, daring to be different.

About Gail

Once a successful Chartered Accountant, Gail sold it all to live in a Motorhome! Setting off in search of freedom and belonging she travelled the length and breadth of the UK for 18 months before settling on the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Having developed a love of sea swimming she helps run The Bluetits Chill Swimmers as well as helping others have the courage to find their freedom.

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Additional goodies:

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