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unsuitable on Rea Radio - Rea & Associates EPISODE 221, 10th February 2020
221: How To Successfully Exit Your Business
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221: How To Successfully Exit Your Business

Business owners hear a lot about the importance of succession planning and exit planning — and for good reason. Your business is, in all likelihood, your largest and most valuable asset. If you aren’t thinking about how to protect it, increase its value, and (eventually) leave it, you could end up with the short end of the stick where your liquidity, longevity, and legacy are concerned.

Fortunately for business owners everywhere, there are people out there who can not only help you avoid some of the more serious exit planning pitfalls but are certified experts in the area of exit planning and can help you identify and achieve your ideal exit planning scenario.

Luckily, in this episode, we are speaking with one of those individuals: Mary Beth Koester, principal and director of valuation and transaction advisory services at Rea & Associates.

Listen to this episode of unsuitable to learn:

  • What certified exit planning advisory services are and how they can help you plan, deploy, and manage your long-term succession and exit plans.
  • What a typical exit planning process looks like and what a “successful exit” looks like.
  • What is the biggest risk an owner may face when converting their business to cash to be invested?

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