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334: Boundless Life with Suzanne Perkowsky
13th March 2023 • Education On Fire - Sharing creative and inspiring learning in our schools • Mark Taylor
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Boundless Life build a collection of thoughtfully designed communities located in beautiful destinations around the world comprised of private homes, co-working spaces, a school system based on experiential learning and locally adapted recreational hubs where like-minded families can develop connections, work, sustainably explore different parts of the world and be immersed in the local cultures.

Suzanne Perkowsky is the Head of Academics at Boundless Life. She was the co-founder of New Nordic Schools, a Finnish education development company that created the Nordic Baccalaureate based on the Finnish education system.

She has been in the education field for over 30 years as a teacher, leader and trainer, setting up and working in schools in Finland, Singapore, China, Saudi Arabia, UK and the US. She has been involved in the set-up of over 15 new schools or campuses.

Suzanne has qualifications from Finland, UK and the US which has been key in understanding global education, its accolades and its shortcomings to best inform current best practices. She believes there’s always something more to learn no matter how experienced or educated you are. 

Revolutionising where, when and how children learn.

Inspired by the world-renowned Finnish system, Boundless Education was developed by taking the finest ingredients from the world's best educational practices to build one coherent system to follow your child anywhere. Boundless Education is a transformational learning system that lays the foundation for innovation, maximizes experiential learning, and creates meaningful connections to ourselves, our communities and the world.

Along with rigorous academics, our education centres leverage local cultures and environments to deliver an unparalleled learning experience including arts, music and nature exploration.

Join a flexible, forward-thinking education programme for your children.


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