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Unlimited Referral Machine
Episode 14031st January 2023 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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Many entrepreneurs and business owners say that referrals from their network are the primary source of new business and repeat purchases. But no one really tells you how exactly they generate referrals. So in today's episode, Sharran unveils three secrets to help you generate referrals for life. 

If you want more referrals and have an unlimited referral machine, this episode is for you. These top three secrets were chosen from Sharran's 27 proven referral strategies list. If you install these three things in your business, you will definitely get more referrals without doing much. 

Here are the Top 3 Secrets to Generating Unlimited Referrals: 

  1. The Biggest Problem with Referral Generation
  2. The Reporter Breadcrumb Strategy
  3. The Advisor Backdoor

Enjoy the episode!

“Most people that are not in the professional networking business don't know how to actually make referrals–that's the big problem.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 Introduction

02:05 The 3 secrets that will help you generate referrals for life 

02:42 Why Sharran is sharing these things with you

04:15 Secret #1: The Biggest Problem with Referral Generation

08:47 Secret #2: The Reporter Breadcrumb Strategy

13:42 Secret #3: The Advisor Backdoor

17:20 Recap of today's episode


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