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Dune - Chapter 33
Episode 3419th November 2020 • Spice World • Spice World
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Set your glow globes to yellow because it's fight night at Cave of Riches! The Caladan Kid steps into the ring with the Angry Arrakeen. Mike and Derek got front row seats for this one. Jamis is determined to throw down, and won’t let Jessica or Stilgar deter him. The tension is thick but at the same time everyone gets caught up in the moment. Crysknives clash and the fight is on. We cheer Paul on with Farok and Shimoon. They explain the customs to us and let us get into...

-Derek’s unfinished business

-Fremen undies

-A spicy deep dive

-Then we deal with some Gurney Guilt

Episode Guide

07:00 Chapter Summary Begins

02:04:10 Melange

02:24:55 Gurney. Gurney. Gurney

02:31:00 Giovani Distrans



Perfect Stranger (White Blend)

"To me it's like a horse race in your mouth."

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