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28. A Conversation With My Editor
Episode 289th August 2021 • The Business Journey Podcast • Rebecca Rice
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Today’s a super special episode of the Business Journey podcast because we’re chatting with someone who’s important and vital to my business: my private editor! Alisa and I will be talking all about what it’s like working with a private editor and why you should consider outsourcing your editing. I truly believe that outsourcing can change your business and your life, so I’m thrilled to be chatting with Alisa about everything editing today! So many of my students ask when they should hire an editor and my answer is always “yesterday!” but, in all seriousness I think it’s a great place to start your outsourcing journey, so let’s dive in! 

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about: 

  • Alisa’s journey to becoming a private editor (3:00)
  • The role of a private editor: what they do (and don’t!) for photographers (5:33)
  • How Alisa works to match photographer’s styles (6:42)
  • A reminder that it’s okay if YOU aren’t the one editing your images! (9:55)
  • When you’re ready to hire a private editor (11:27)
  • How having an editor has allowed me to remove my emotions from the editing process (18:02)
  • What Alisa looks for in potential clients (20:28)
  • What a private editor can cost (25:06)
  • How photographers can find the best fit for them when looking for editors (29:30)

Thank you, Alisa!

If you want to learn more about Alisa, you can check out here website HERE! She’s also launching a course this fall for anyone interest in how to edit photos and become an editor, which is amazing!! In the meantime, she has a free course as well and I can’t wait for you to get it if editing is something you’re interested in. A huge thank you to Alisa for coming to chat with me today all about private editing for photographers. I’m so thankful for her in my business - and I know you will be too when you hire out your editing.

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+ Cultivated Edits

+Janelle Joy Photo Editing