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90. How to find podcast clients in 2022
Episode 904th January 2022 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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It's 2022, let's check in! Are you making the money you want to be making? More importantly... are you finding and working with your Dream Clients? Today I'm reviewing tried and tested strategies that work to land podcast clients. I'll tell you where you need to go, questions you need to ask, and things to keep in mind when you're on the hunt for new work. I'm also looking at methods you may be using that could just be wasting your time. Now is the perfect time to assess your business and make any needed tweaks or readjustments. Let's start the new year strong together!

In this episode, we cover:

- How to assess your current strategies

- The pros and cons of using social media to find clients

- Protecting yourself from "comparisonitis"

- Finding clients in unlikely places

- Starting small when you're starting out

- What referrals can do for your business

- Stretching yourself too thin across multiple platforms or groups

- Why DIY posts don't work

- Learning to look for the wins when you're down on your luck

If you want to chat more about this topic, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over on Instagram!