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S3 Ep 9 - Gen Z and the Era of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter Protests Pt 1
Episode 911th February 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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2020, a year that no one could’ve predicted. But with times like these, it has called people to rise up and demand there be a change for the better. What was once the generation that many may have called lazy or irresponsible has been the generation that has put themselves on the front line calling for change. We are talking about Generation Z, the age range between twenty-two to twenty-six.

In this podcast we talk to a group who fit that description and how they are reacting and handling the challenges of this year. Some shocked, some almost immune to it, but all of them ready to make a change. Listen along as we discuss the protest, Black Lives Matter, and COVID-19. This is The 411 Live. Real People. Real Talk.