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2. Unlocking Success with Omnipresence: The Importance of a Holistic Marketing Approach Across Multiple Channels
Episode 29th May 2023 • Silk Digital Marketing Mastery with Samantha Brown • Samantha Brown | Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing & Email Marketing tips for small business owners
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Remember when Instagram shut down for a day and every business owner and their dog was scared, not knowing when Instagram would return online? It would be pretty scary for a business that relies solely on one platform to achieve its business results. This is why incorporating a holistic marketing approach across multiple channels and platforms is so important in this digital age.

If you are currently looking for more reach, attracting the right audience and doing less for more, omnipresence will unlock that success. In this episode, I dive into the reason why you are limiting yourself when you put all your eggs in one basket and break down several examples of what multi-channel marketing can look like for your business based on your goals.

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