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14: From death to life in intention with Vanessa Guevara
Episode 1416th February 2024 • The Cosmic Mystic Podcast • Danie C. Muniz
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Welcome to "The Cosmic Mystic Podcast," in this episode Sandra V Montour, Transformational Mentor and Akashic Records Healer joined me to talk about her Journey to Trust.

From not trusting her intuition to stepping in and accepting her purpose, Sandra shares all the ups and downs of her transformation. Grab a journal or open up your notes app because when Sandra opens her mouth, knowledge bombs fall.

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Vanessa will be having a workshop in March 2024 about overcoming money insecurity. Right now many people are are dealing with money insecurity especially in this economy which can lead to stress, anxiety and overall feeling of instability. In the workshop she will be providing tools and strategies to help overcome it. Connect with Vanessa on Instagram for more details.

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