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Trauma - "The Smooth Criminal" - the mindfuck of questioning your own reality
Episode 1025th September 2021 • GET REAL with Dr Ronaye • Ronaye Calvert
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Dr Ronaye Calvert and Bindi Heit from LIVE Treatment Concierge Services discuss trauma - "The Smooth Criminal" - the mindfuck of questioning your own reality:

  • Definition - 

Gaslighting is a colloquialism that is loosely defined as making someone question their reality.

The term is also used informally to describe someone (a "gaslighter") who persistently puts forth a false narrative which leads another person (or a group of people) to doubt their own perceptions to the extent that they become disoriented and distressed. This dynamic is generally only possible when the audience is vulnerable such as in unequal power relationships or when the audience is fearful of the losses associated with challenging the false narrative. Gaslighting is not necessarily malicious or intentional, although in some cases it is.

  • Exists for a purpose - self protection
  • I am not my trauma - not going to question my own reality
  • Being stuck in a mirror that isn't ours
  • How we hide our own trauma
  • Gaslighting - why we don't recognize we have been traumatised
  • Not a comparison to others trauma
  • Biggest mindfuck is we protect our perpetrators - permission to label it as trauma
  • Allowing others to dictate our experience
  • Validate experience - perpetrator
  • Perpetuating trauma by accepting it - silence breeds permission
  • Self doubt - doesn't look or feel like trauma - our gut always knows.- sacrificing our truth

Songs - Praying by Kesha and Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

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Meditation - Trust your intuition

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