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Looking After Your People Through COVID and Beyond
Episode 4815th September 2020 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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We may be returning to something of a more normal working life, but there is still a lot of change ahead of us and we face continuing challenges both in our day to day work and leading our teams.

Some of our greatest challenges exist around communication - with teams that may be split between being able to meet in person and those working remotely, communicating with your team where there may be uncertainty and the lack of creative thinking that often can occur in team meetings where you can quickly get ‘group think’.

Joining Rachel this week are not one, but three guests - her ‘go-to’ gang, or as she describes them - her ‘wise guys’!

We talk about how we and our teams have responded during the different stages of the crisis and reflect on what this has taught us. 

Ultimately, the key to looking out for and after your teams is to communicate, communicate, communicate. 

Our top tips are:

  • Find new and creative ways to communicate.
  • Remember to look forwards, not just review the past.
  • Informal chats for mentoring can be transformative, whether you lead that person or not.
  • Run a Stop Start Continue on your remote working strategy.

It’s really important to look after yourself too, don’t discount the value in finding your own mentor. Your team is likely to have some great problem solvers, reach out to them when you need inspiration. And finally, remember that it won’t be like this forever - even if at times we feel stuck and can’t see an end to this.

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