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Reading: “My World” by Thea (2003) · “Fun, Sun, Gun” by Feldman (2011) · “Union” by Astrogirl2 (2004) · “Banik Drabbles” by Kernezelda (2004)
19th April 2022 • So Farscape! • Khaki & Kay
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"This week we're reading some fan-submitted fanfics:

  • “My World” by Thea, first published in 2003 at
  • “Fun, Sun, Gun” by Feldman, first published in 2011 at
  • “Union” by Astrogirl2, first published in 2004 at
  • “Banik Drabbles” by Kernezelda, first published in 2004 at

Thanks to Kernezelda and @Mysterytour7 for recommending them!

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