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864: The Meltdown of Moltke // Spiritual Lessons from WW1 21 (Eric Ludy)
29th July 2022 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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This is the twenty-first installment in Eric Ludy’s epic summer Daily Thunder series entitled Spiritual Lessons from WW1. This episode dives into the man steering the military operations of the Germans in the very first month of the Great War—Helmuth von Moltke. Moltke is an average man in a very un-average situation. He finds himself at the helm of something so big, so grand, so weighty—with consequences of victory and failure so extreme—that he begins to crumble under the weight. There are two ways to lead in times of crisis—one that works and one that fails. Moltke chose the wrong one, and it totally destroyed him.

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