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Building a pet business and making an impact with Dom Hodgson
Episode 1127th April 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Are you looking to make more of an impact with your pet business?

Would you love to elevate yourself as THE expert in your field or shine the spotlight on your pet products?

Then you’re going to love my podcast with pet business marketing coach Dom Hodgson.

We talk about how to make an impact with your pet business and Dom shares some really simple steps to follow to make this happen.

Discover the different ways to get your service or products to stand out and what will make a difference when it comes to moving your pet business forward.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

2.02 - About Dom and what he does with pet business marketing  

3.54 - Dom explains how he ended up in the pet industry

7.44 - How learning to do stuff for your own pet business is vital 

13.20 - Dom explains what to do if you have a fear of selling

17.24 - Dom shares about his upcoming Impact pet business event

19.56 - Dom tells me what activities can make an impact for pet businesses

30.15 - Dom explains how pet businesses can keep the momentum 

36.48 - How you won’t push away people by regularly keeping in contact over email 

39.00 - The importance of keeping your own contacts and mailing lists 

40.31 - Dom tells me what’s going on at Impact and what people can expect

47.01 - How to find Dom and more about the Impact event 

Links mentioned in this episode:

Impact is taking place in Sunderland Friday 6th - Sunday 8th May.

Grab your ticket at

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