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021 : Michael Flanagan – A lesson on Co-operative Warehousing – Can it work for you?
31st August 2015 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Michael is a very smart “Old School” IT Professional with 25+ years of experience. Those 25 years have really been polishing and positioning him for his really big idea: Co-operative Warehousing. Most people are familiar with Prep & Ship Companies and the valuable services they offer (and the time they save you!), Michael’s idea is to take it one step further: Co-operative Warehousing. Co-operative warehousing is where a group of sellers (think Board of Directors) pool their resources to hire and share a center manager & staff to handle their processing needs, this allows them to take advantage of purchasing power and allow the group to decide it’s future as this industry evolves. In this interview he shares how he, and his group, have set up a shared services center, how it is structured, cost, etc… A true blueprint that you could follow.


Michael Mentioned: Scanpower, Inventory Lab, Appeagle, Michael’s Facebook, Prime Zero Prep, Smart Passive Income Podcast,



“Failing is not a character flaw”

“If I am having this problem, others too are having this problem, I can help solve the problem”


Gold-NuggetGolden Nuggets:

Join a Mastermind, contribute without expectations and the rewards will be plentiful!

A purchasing group has the power to completely buy a Manufacturers closeout.

Recognize your weaknesses, hire someone to cover them.