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Alpaca Tribe by Steve Heatherington - alpacas on purpose
Episode 5221st February 2020 • Pod Buffet • Pod Buffet Podcasters
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What is your experience when you are around alpacas? – do they trust you? – a simple example is that moving steadily with purpose is better than creeping around and making sudden movements. Do they stand their ground watching you with interest, or is that a hint of panic you see in their eyes?

Do they know what you are doing? Do they know what to expect? Have you got ‘positive history’ in the bank? It is worth making regular investments in that savings account.

My reflection this morning as I carried out my daily chores was that I was missing an opportunity. If I became more intentional, could I build something positive with this repetition? Regular small steps to make progress.

To be intentional, I would need to have a plan, a purpose and some goals – goals that were small, attainable and part of growth or development. 




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