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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 39, 19th October 2020
Reset Your Mind
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Reset Your Mind

This is Christian Baker from https://christianbaker.net/ and The Achieve Podcast, sharing inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to help you to think differently, to develop your mindset, so that you believe in yourself more, and take action to achieve the life that you want and simply be the best that you can be. 

Now this week, I received a message from a client I haven't seen for about three years and he simply put, "Christian I need a reset".

This is fairly common message that I receive from people who've got to a point where they just feel overwhelmed, where they just feel as if the busyness of day to day life's got on top of them, or significant things have occurred, which means they just feel as if they just need to have a reset.

And it's something that we could all benefit from doing, to help us to maintain that nice equal balance in our life. Most of us are guilty of getting caught up in the busyness of day to day life, so I'd just urge you to take time to disconnect, to enable you to reconnect, to enjoy some downtime.

It reminds me of a meme that goes around that says, my mind feels like an internet browser, there's umpteen tabs open, some are frozen, the cursor wheel is spinning, I've got music playing, and I don't know where it's coming from. And that's sometimes what the noise and the busyness in our own mind can feel like.

About 20 years ago, I worked in an IT support role and there's an ongoing joke within the IT world that if there's a problem, the usual first response is to advise people to turn the technology on and off. 

The same could be applied for our mind, sometimes we just need to get off that hamster wheel, the treadmill of day to day life, the busyness of our thoughts, and just take a step back, to switch off and disconnect and have a simple reset.

Now there's many different ways of doing that, if you need some assistance, visit my website, check the comments or the notes for the link to my website, https://christianbaker.net/ where there is a free 15 minute audio, a guided meditation, that helps you to achieve a mind reset, to help you relax mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

Taking the time out, allows you to feel rested, relaxed, refreshed, recharged, and re-energized.  

But you may have your own choice for how you like to disconnect, whatever is your preferred choice, just take the time to have some quiet time and allow yourself to feel rested, relaxed, refreshed, recharged, and wonderfully reenergize. 

I'm often making the comparison with, IT, technology and the mind. If you think of your mind like a phone, or a computer. With technology, we often upgrade it, we change them.  

I don't know if you've ever had the experience, where you've been using a phone, or a computer, that's kind of getting a bit old, or the memory is getting full to capacity and it starts getting a bit sluggish and a bit slow and the power doesn't last as long anymore. 

But sometimes it's not until we change it, that you realize what you've been putting up with and how slow it has become.  

I think of the mind as being the same, sometimes we need to reset and refresh our mindset, to stop the overwhelm, to stop the noise, to stop the busy-ness and just allow yourself to recharge to reboot.

Think of all the activities that help you to achieve that, when you do them, it's like plugging yourself into the charger, it's like giving yourself the opportunity to offload and backup some of the busyness that's going on in your mind. 

It also helps to give you the opportunity to have an update, to upgrade the workings of your mind. So, it works on two levels when you have that kind of calm, quiet headspace.

It's beneficial in its own right, but you can also use that level of awareness to train your mind, to focus your mind on the things and the outcomes that you actually want. 

But for today, I just want to encourage you to take the opportunity to enjoy some more calm, quiet time in your day to day life, however you choose to do it.

I have a free complimentary audio on my website, which you're welcome to go and download and listen to that as often as you like. 


On my YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/christianbakertv/

I also have some short, guided meditation videos you can use. click here to find the ones you like


However you choose to do it, I encourage you to take time, to allow yourself to disconnect, to reconnect, to feel rested, relax, refresh, recharge, and wonderfully re-energized. 

Then let me know your favourite way to reset your mind.

Remember what your mind believes you will achieve, so allow yourself to think differently, to believe in yourself, to take action, and you can achieve the life and the goals that you want. 

Now help yourself by taking time to recharge as often as you can.

All the best


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