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037: Andrea Mason | Forgiveness and Building A Legacy Of Love For A Better Society
Episode 3716th August 2021 • Purpose Through Pain • Joseph James
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Andrea Mason is a Personal Accountability Coach mentored by Les Brown, one of the world's most renowned motivational speakers. Andrea motivates people and encourages them to overcome their fears to help them create the best version of themselves with the power of forgiveness. She coined the phrase PLAY: Plan Life According To You.

Andrea studied psychology.  She was put up for adoption as a baby, and because of that she never knew her true identity. She spent years trying to figure out who she is and what her purpose was, all while holding resentment towards her past. 

She realized the power of forgiveness when she was diagnosed with a terminal autoimmune disease. She realized that she needed to forgive herself for a past she could not control. 

Her doctor told her that the only way she would be allowed out of the hospital was if she could walk by herself. So she did. Mind over mater cured her of her health issues, and she now has a clean bill of health. She decided she was not giving up and that she was going to beat this. She forgave herself and did not suppress her emotions, and just like that, her health improved. 

On this episode:

  • How Andrea learned the power of forgiveness
  • Andrea’s key mindset shifts that help her forgive
  • How Andrea helps her clients forgive themselves with love and entirety

Tweetable moments:

  • “If we don’t learn from our scars, we will be burned time and time again”
  • “Someone’s opinion of you does not become your reality”
  • “To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and to discover the prisoner is you”
  • “If I can speak something into existence for the good and it happen to me, then I can speak something bad into my life and it will happen to me.”
  • “I choose to not blame myself anymore, and get on the road to healing with simply forgiving myself”
  • “Words can be wisdom or weapons and through the toughest times miracles are made”

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