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171: Questions to Foster Your Deeper Thinking In Transformative Times with Justin Foster
10th August 2020 • Everyday Mindfulness Show • Holly Duckworth
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Holly interviews Justin Foster about his work with Root and River Marketing. He and his team have cultivated blending spiritual and practical for mission-driven brands. His company helps define ways for every great brand to have a spiritual experience. A brand is how others experience what you believe. They philosophy behind their strategy is humanistic marketing practices. Do not market unto others the way you would not be marketed to. “Root” is the intrinsic mission, brand and message. “River” is how your message shows up in the world and these need to be congruent. Some of the questions they explore are: ·     What makes a “Mystical friendship”? ·     What thoughts do you have for navigating the deep roots of the changes happening right now? ·     What does consciousness mean to you? Justin pronounces that “Nature kills pretense!” These times are causing people to really examine what is really important. He also shares his belief that consciousness is the space between thoughts and feelings and YOU, your true self. Justin recommends that we be willing to ask more questions and incorporate “this is what it means to me.” His philosophy is to have a self-intervention practice. This involved three things to ask yourself: 1.    When you react to something ask yourself “is that true? “Don’t trust your thoughts and feelings completely. Listen to them, but don’t trust them completely. 2.    What are you feeling called to do, or action to take, that you haven’t been called to do before? 3.    What is something you can’t go back to? Justin says that something he is not going back to borrowing energy from other people. See more about Justin’s work at or his personal work at Remember – Mindful Matters and so do YOU!!