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Cut it Out: Coupon Fraud & the Multi-Million Dollar Criminal Industry
Episode 58th December 2021 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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Mike and Mark welcome Bud Miller, Executive Director of the CouponInformation Center (CIC), who is considered one of the leading coupon fraud investigators in the United States. Coupon fraud is a multi-million dollar business that not only affects manufacturers and retailers, but also you, the average consumer.  Thinking about buying coupons on the Internet?  You will think twice after you hear this podcast.  Coupon fraud has gone viral and Hollywood with the recent release of “Queenpins” starring Vince Vaughn.  Now find out how the real investigators take down coupon fraudsters and how retailers can quickly identify counterfeit coupons.


Bud Miller, Executive Director


Phone: 239.331.7280

Coupon Information Corporation (CIC)

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The Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) is a not-for-profit association of consumer product manufacturers dedicated to fighting coupon misredemption and fraud.

CIC was founded to encourage integrity in connection with the redemption of manufacturers’ coupons and participation in other promotional programs. We encourage and support federal, state, and local law enforcement efforts to identify, investigate, and prosecute coupon misredemption.

Since its inception in 1985, CIC has:

  • Exposed fraud schemes involving more than $750 million
  • Identified thousands of individuals and entities misusing coupons
  • Addressed new and emerging coupon challenges prior to becoming endemic
  • Recovered and returned millions of dollars to victims
  • Supported the prosecution of every significant coupon fraud case since 1986 – and never lost a case.

CIC provides education and current information to consumers, best practices to retailers, advocacy for our members (primarily manufacturers), and resources and support to law enforcement.

CIC leads efforts to reform and improve security practices, enhance transparency, and open communications among all industry participants.