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Elevating Sales Strategies with Dr. Donna Smith Bellinger
Episode 7311th October 2023 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“Regardless of who writes the check, you are in business for yourself,” says Dr. Donna Smith Bellinger, sales consultant and CEO of DS Bellinger Consulting. Dr. Bellinger joins the podcast to give advice about how entrepreneurs can best, as she calls it, “consistently communicate your competence.” This starts with demonstrating that you are someone people want to follow. This means knowing your non-negotiables and standing by them without apology, going where your expertise is valued, and deciding on the best use of your precious time. These boundaries will allow you to select only the clients who will best serve you and whom you can best serve in return. 

Dr. Donna brings more than 40 years of corporate leadership experience to today’s discussion. Join to learn about what she calls objection aversion, how to know if your job is really a hobby and her honest thoughts about being broke.


  • “You need to remember that you are not now selling a brand. You are selling your education and your expertise.” (3:04 | Dr. Donna) 
  • “Especially in the US, we're a bunch of followers. We follow successful people. So if you want to attract a certain level, you have to demonstrate that you are that person that they like to follow. We don't follow broke people. We just don't do that.” (8:42 | Dr. Donna)
  • “You need to totally understand your non-negotiables and then stand by them. Because again, if you're letting the business run you, this is just the job that you own.” (15:46 | Dr. Donna)
  • “You must be able to consistently communicate your competence, which is your value.” (20:39 | Dr. Donna)
  • “The first person you have to sell on the value of your business is yourself. That way when you make the offer, and only offer the opportunity to work with you, to people that you want to work with. If they represent people that you don't like, don't work with them. Go find somebody you enjoy being with.” (23:48 | Dr. Donna)

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