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FHR #019: From Wheelchair & Gout to World Championship Ironman with Brian Acosta
Episode 194th September 2020 • Freedom Hack Radio • Bryce Robertson
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  • Brian competed in world championship ironman competition after only 3 years
  • Brian is a successful MMA fighter, a triathlonist and entrepreneur
  • They discuss changing your career mid-life, health and how to maximize life enjoying even in middle age
  • They also cover the power of sport, diet, healthy food and what it performs with our body


  • Brian competed in world championship ironman competition after only 3 years
  • Brian is a founder and CEO of Matrix Business Capital,
  • He is a trained MMA fighter and has competed in the octagon
  • Brian achieved all things on the 100% vegan lactose free diet with only raw food
  • Brian eats ONLY 10 FOOD ITEMS
  • Brian hasn’t cold or virus from 17 years
  • He is completely caffeine free, alcohol free, drug free
  • He made a decision a few years ago that sport - it’s a life and he got really deep on his health
  • Brian told that sport and diet causing completely positive impact for life
  • He lost a bit of his health in youth, college was full of parties and alcohol.
  • He share with us his history of becoming entrepreneur, how he drove out to California
  • After learning a lot of his own body, health and sport he created his own training.
  • He lived 6 weeks in a wheelchair as a result of severe gout.
  • He told us that for nowadays he eats the same meal every day, drinking fresh juice. Start the day with water and lemon, cause vitamin C is very useful for our body, like other fruits and vegetables and nuts.
  • Thinking about pandemic. Pandemic - is opportunity for ourselves to discover ourselves better our emotions, a chance to change something in your life
  • The most important thing - is freedom to do what we want
  • Brian told us about diet with 100% raw food, it advantages.
  • All people are obsessing about something. Obsessing - it’s part of our life. The difference is, what are we obsessing over.
  • Organic or normal food - If you have a clear diet - you have a clear mind.
  • Gratitude list for the next day - very useful thing for your workflow productivity. 
  • Running and exercising in the morning is the most important part of health.


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