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138. Running a Business Well While Navigating Health Struggles (and my own personal update)
Episode 13831st October 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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How many people do you know right now that just don't feel great?

Sadly, an all too common theme among entrepreneurs especially, but really people across the board, is navigating illness. And when I say illness, I mean the absence of thriving; a lot of the things we face are just symptoms we chalk up to working a lot, or having young kids, or being postpartum, or whatever it is - when oftentimes, it goes deeper than that. 

Whether it's a multi-year struggle with intense symptoms and very few answers, like I've been walking through, or a diagnosis that you’re up against and have to battle, too many of us are some version of sick. So, today's episode is both an update as I've learned more about my own struggles recently, and a chance to share my heart with those of you who might be building your dreams alongside some pain.


[2:14] It’s All for a Reason

[5:15] The Gift of Suffering 

[9:05]  The Update

[22:56]  Pieces of Wisdom

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