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Mindset Matters with Cassandra Hartford
Episode 4225th October 2023 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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On today’s Performance Mindset podcast, Amy welcomes guest Cassandra Hartford. Cassandra is a fellow commercial real estate agent who has her own boutique brokerage, Reach Commercial Real Estate, in Melbourne, Florida. What inspires Amy most about Cassandra is how authentic she is. At 18 years old with two babies and recently divorced, Cassandra took a leap and got her real estate license, which took five times to pass. Today, she’s in the top 1% of her peers in her area. Cassandra’s story and grit are inspiring. This is a lively conversation you won’t want to miss.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. Some of the biggest turning points for Cassandra Hartford during her life and her realization that she could outwork her competition.
  2. The time it took to get to the top 1% of her peers and when she switched from residential to commercial real estate.
  3. Cassandra’s branding and how that helped accelerate her success along with referrals.
  4. Her challenges as she’s grown her brokerage and why running a brokerage is harder and more complicated than she thought it would be.
  5. The monetary challenges both Cassandra and Amy have faced in the current economy.
  6. What she does to continue her education and stay on the cutting edge of the industry.
  7. One of her biggest takeaways from CREi this year.
  8. How her curiosity influences Cassandra’s desire to try different things in her personal and professional lives.
  9. The books and events that have impacted her journey.
  10. Cassandra’s advice for others who are running businesses and the strategies she uses to keep her mindset sharp.

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