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Episode 127 - She Dosen't Think Like You: The Journey
15th March 2021 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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What is she thinking? Why would she do this or say that because I wouldn’t do it that way…

How many times have you asked yourself this question? Being a married man for 20 plus years I know I have contemplated these questions, just when I think I have figured out what she is thinking SHE goes and screws it all up! How? Well simply put she doesn’t think like I do.

Maybe for the rest of you strapping studs this isn’t news to you, well riddle me this “Mack-Man” why did I find myself having the same frustrations and arguments with my wife, looking back my skull was just too thick for the obvious to sink in.. The simplistic nature of this concept was so foreign to me. My state of mind was this; If a knuckle head like me gets it then my wife who is so much sharper than I has to get it, so she must not care! Wrong.

If for nothing else, my buffoonery is a life lesson for each of you, we think differently and Thank God we do!

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