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303: Ruben Gonzalez - Don't Quit - You're a Champion
Episode 30318th May 2022 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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In this episode, Ruben shares his experiences as an Olympian, competing in four different Winter Olympics in four different decades. He discusses the importance of coaching relationships and how leaders must embrace change in order to stay relevant. Denis then interviews Ruben about his experiences and challenges as an Olympian.

Why would anybody in his right mind want to jump on a sled and hurl himself down an icy mountain at over 80 miles per hour? At the age of 21, Ruben Gonzalez took up the sport of luge and started training for the Olympics. Four years..... and a few broken bones later, Ruben made his Olympic dream come true! But he didn’t stop there... Ruben kept training, and at the age of 47, he was racing against 20-year-olds at the Vancouver Winter Olympics! Ruben's the first person to compete in four Winter Olympics in four different DECADES! He’s one of the most popular speakers in America. Ruben's best-selling book "The Courage to Succeed" has been translated into 10 languages. 

Join us as Ruben and I discuss what it takes to overcome obstacles on the way to achieving our goals through courage.

In this episode:

  • Ruben discusses how it takes a lot of commitment and consistency to be a successful Olympian and that it is essential to stay motivated.
  • Ruben also discusses the importance of tenacity and courage when starting something new, as well as how these qualities can help an individual endure difficult times.
  • Today's leaders need to be tougher in order to inspire others to take action.
  • Today's leaders may face challenges due to the prevalence of political correctness–like walking on eggshells instead of saying what is needed.
  • For coaches to be effective, they need to understand how the mind works and be able to get into their students’ heads in order to help them reach their potential.
  • If an individual has a positive attitude and sets high standards for themselves, they will be successful.
  • Leaders need to be relatable and take their followers on a journey with them in order to be successful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leadership can be learned through experience
  • Have a positive attitude and set standards for yourself and your team
  • A successful mindset employs being proactive instead of being reactive
  • Leaders can be successful even if they are not recognized initially
  • Never regret anything in life

Tweetable Quotes:

“We are psychologically going through things. We have things in our minds. Sometimes we put roadblocks or there are some blocks in our way and if we just do a quick small adjustment by actually talking to somebody about it, someone we trust, and we work through things with a professional, it can actually unlock our potential and then things can take off.” - Denis Gianoutsos

“You have to treat people kindly and you have to be in tune.” - Ruben Gonzalez

“It's not about the dream. It's about the person you become.” - Ruben Gonzalez

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