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Stop living in your past mistakes
Episode 1218th April 2024 • Your Business Quest • Osmaan Sharif
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Do you ever think … ‘What was I thinking!!!!’, when you look back at some of the decisions you’ve made so far in your business?

Especially those situations that when you think about them right now, can you still feel that negative charge or emotions connected to them!

If so, then it’s really likely that you’re current & future decisions will also be influenced by your past too ….. GULP!!

Unless you break free of the attachment & stop living in those past decisions.

You may be thinking, ‘Yeah Osmaan … easier said than done though!’

I promise … you can let go of them today & in simple ways.

In this episode, I'll share 5 key things that will help you do just that & these are things that have personally helped me do it & also my coaching clients too.


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