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Megan Lohman - Increase Production and Case Acceptance with Dental Membership Plans
Episode 92nd March 2022 • Dentistry Uncut • Nathan Courtney & Isaiah Douglass
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Plan Forward is helping dentists more easily offer in-house membership plans to patients that do not have traditional insurance, which ultimately gives more patients access to quality care and loyalty to quality providers. In this episode, we are joined by Founder & Co-CEO of Plan Forward Megan Lohman to dive into dental membership plans. Megan is a well of knowledge, as you'll find out. We chat through:

  • Plan Forward's growth and service offering.
  • The "right way" to roll out an in-house membership plan.
  • The challenges of in-house membership plans.
  • The revenue impact of an in-house plan.
  • How to market your offering to your patients.
  • When should you drop an insurer?
  • And so much more!

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