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Ep. 53: Why you attract the WRONG men (and how to attract high quality men)
Episode 5321st January 2023 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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No matter how hard you try, you find yourself attracting anything but the kind of man you’d be willing to call “The One.” 

Maybe you attract the man who’s not ready to commit and wants to keep ‘playing the field…’ 

Or you attract the man with whom you see a lot of potential, but he’s just not showing up in alignment with that potential. 

Maybe you attract the man who you have wrapped around your little finger, which strokes your ego, but you don’t actually respect this man…

Or you attract the man that looks great on paper, but you’re just not that into…UGH! 

In this episode, I share: 

  • The many faces of Mr. Wrong – the archetypes of the men you no longer wish to attract + why you keep attracting them 
  • How to start attracting Mr. Right – the kinds of men who appreciate and prioritize you
  • A powerful exercise for how to start attracting these kinds of men ASAP! 


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