The Breakaway Breakdown: Buckle Breakaway Bonanza
Episode 145th June 2024 • The Breakdown • The Breakdown
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Coming this fall, September 29, 2024: the Buckle Breakaway Bonanza.

The Pink, Ruby and Riata Buckles are combining all of their efforts into one mega-event for the progeny of stallions across the three programs. This will double the number of horses that are eligible to compete for the payout in the fall of 2024.

This collaboration will guarantee a $200,000 purse, plus a $50,000 guarantee for 5-and-under breakaway horses. These changes will make this one of the largest breakaway ropings in the world, if not the largest breakaway purse offered this season.

Chelsea Shaffer, host of The Team Roping Journal's The Score, sits down with Clint Robinson to talk through all the details of the Buckle Breakaway Bonanza.





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