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#431:Understanding Loyalty in Netherlands& Key Take-Outs from The European White Paper
Episode 43112th September 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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This episode focuses on the loyalty market in The Netherlands, featuring expert insights from Emre Polatkan. 

Emre is a versatile professional skilled in CRM, loyalty, growth marketing, and experience design. With industry experience and expertise, Emre excels in building customer relationships, creating loyalty programs, driving business growth, and crafting engaging experiences. Their diverse background enables them to make a significant impact across industries

Emre joins us today from Emakina, an EPAM company, where they are the Head of CRM and Loyalty. They are taking the place today of Léon Huyben, who was a key contributor and provided the expert commentary on The Netherlands in the “Understanding Loyalty in Europe” White Paper created by Mando-Connect in partnership with YouGov, which explores loyalty membership, appeal and impact across 24 European Markets.

Listen to learn about the loyalty landscape in The Netherlands – what membership, appeal and impact look like in this market – and which are the programmes and key innovations to be inspired by.

Hosted by Charlie Hills. 


Show Notes :

1) Emre Polatkan 

2) European Loyalty Whitepaper

3) Mando-Connect 

4) YouGov

5) Emakina






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