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(Ep. 14) Aligning Your Lifestyle to Allow Health with Dr. Dan Pompa
Episode 143rd November 2020 • FLOWE • Kelly Kennedy
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On this episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, Dr. Daniel Pompa joins me to talk about cellular health, detoxification, and epigenetics. Dr. Pompa explains why people are sick and dispels the myth that genetics are the main determinants of health. Additionally, he will explain the role of inflammation in sickness and how fasting can be used for healing the body.


About the Guest

Dr. Daniel Pompa is a Health Educator at Vertical Enrichment and the author of The Cellular Healing Diet. Dr. Pompa believes the body can heal itself when interferences are removed. Dr. Pompa educates people about cellular detox via his YouTube show, Cellular Healing TV, and True Cellular Detox™ detox coaching.


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Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Intro

[02:00] Dr. Pompa’s background

[05:00] You have to fix the cell to get well

[06:05] Epigenetics: Behaviors and environment matter more than genetics

[07:55] What is detoxification and why is it important?

[12:00] Why people are sick

[14:38] We can turn off our genes

[19:58] How to use fasting for healing and how everyone can benefit from it

[23:30] You have to empty your bucket at the cellular level

[25:07] The 5 R’s

[26:45] Causes and remedies for inflammation

[32:05] The three sources of inflammation most practitioners miss

[34:45] Spiritual alignment is key to get well

[37:00] Our cells are energy

[38:40] Your thoughts determine who you are






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