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The Book of Genesis - Michael Joseph Murano EPISODE 7, 13th January 2021
Gen 7: Chap 1, vv 1-13
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Gen 7: Chap 1, vv 1-13

Book of Genesis #7

What is then the theological and moral purpose of the account of Creation? In this lecture we focus on the initial three days, that is from verses one through thirteen of the first chapter of Genesis.


  1. What does "In the Beginning mean"? Is it a chronological reference? Is it something else? And why begin with an account of creation instead of starting off with the establishment of the Temple which was far more important for Jewish life than the account of creation ever was? What led the Narrator to begin this way?
  2. Curiously, the account starts with the Earth being void and chaotic. From the literal meaning, we infer that the Narrator is not recording a step-by-step detailed account of the act of creation, rather he chooses specific actions of relevance to his immediate audience and through the workings of the Holy Spirit is also supremely relevant for us.
  3. Why is it important that "there be light"? This answer may seem obvious until we realize that most answers we may advance are homo-centric. The question, therefore, is not why man considers light important rather why is it that the first divine utterance recorded by the Narrator is this one.
  4. Why does Scripture indicate that "the Light was good?" And why does it also speak of the separation of light from darkness?

These considerations (and others not mentioned here) are addressed in this lecture.