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Lessons from Africa with Catherine Fitzgibbon
Episode 208th March 2020 • Old Fox Young Fox • Old Fox Young Fox
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This episode of Old Fox Young Fox tackles international aid, with the help of industry insider Catherine Fitzgibbons. We explore a very different perspective on Africa and the role of Development Aid in this fascinating conversation.

With the pressure on the NHS and funding for schools, shouldn’t we be looking after our own before spending money on Aid to Africa?

African culture still respects the wisdom of the Elders. With 75% of the population under the age of 30 what’s happening to the traditional African respect and role for the wisdom of the Elders?

Topics covered:

About our guest

Catherine Fitzgibbons is an International Development Consultant with a lifetime of experience in NGOs including Country leadership with Save the Children and most recently, consulting for the World Bank, The World Health Organisation and UK local bodies.

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